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What's your
Yew story?

Celebrating and protecting our yew tree heritage.

"Our ancient yews can tell incredible stories,
reveal our past and help us explore our heritage"

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Cannonballs and yews in the Surrey countryside

Tea in Tandridge

Strolling to Wilmington

Hunt down your yew tree heritage

Find out how to unearth your yew heritage.

Investigate and Celebrate

Use the guide with hints and tips on researching and celebrating your yew

Download the research guide
Songs & sermon sheet
Interpretation board guide


Find out why our yews are so important and download KS2 activity sheets to help the next generation understand these special trees.

Nature and Yews
Humans and Yews

Plant the next generation of ancient yews

Young trees propagated from some of our oldest yews

  • Very great grandparents

    These special trees have been propagated from some of Britain's oldest living inhabitants - ancient yew trees thought to be over a thousand years old!

  • Plant the next generation

    They're looking for good homes and you can take part in growing on the next generation! The free saplings are no longer available, but you can still receive one for £25 from Trees Direct. Please contact us for multiple orders.

    Receive a yew sapling

  • Celebrate your sapling

    Download songs and sermons to use to celebrate your yew

    Download the yew song
  • Take good care of it

    Download a small information sheet on how to look after your yew sapling.

    Download planting tips

Protect your yew heritage

Managing your Yew

Watch the short video by Russell Ball

Community tree protection

Advice for communities on how to protect your local yew tree.

Yew Seminar

Bringing together understanding on the management and cultural importance of yews

The seminar took place February 6th 2016 in London. Download a summary.

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