Wessex Watermarks

Small grants for environmental projects in the Wessex Water region

The awards are for any scheme, large or small, that is designed to directly benefit the environment. Grants are made quarterly and range from £100 to £1,500.

Since the scheme began over 25 years ago over a thousand awards have been given to schools and groups in the Wessex Water region.

Supporting groups and schools in the Wessex Water region
£100 to £1,500 grants for environmental and community projects

How do I apply?

If you are representing a school, parish council or community organisation and you have an environmental project you could be eligible to apply. You must also be located within the Wessex Water region - you can check if you are by viewing the map below.

The Wessex Watermarks entry form is available from The Conservation Foundation or can be downloaded from Wessex Water's website. You can also contact Libby Symon with any questions on 020 7591 3111. Applications are considered as part of a competitive process where the relative strengths of applications are assessed alongside the available budget.

How do the Watermarks help?

From sustainable technology and bird sanctuaries to sensory gardens and marine research, the Watermark's support a wide range of applications but are looking for projects that have a tangible outcome and support the community and environment within the Wessex Water region. We've given grants to over 1,000 projects so far, see a few of these in the video.


What is the Wessex Water region?

Watermarks can only be applied for by schools, parish councils or community organisations within the region served by Wessex Water. For full details please visit the Wessex Water website.