Tools Shed

Equipping the next generation of gardeners, teaching prisoners new skills and reducing waste

Solving the gardener's perennial dilemma - what to do with tools that are too broken to use but too good to throw away? This problem is solved with Tools Shed, The Conservation Foundation's tools recycling project.

Working in association with HM Prisons, Tools Shed takes your broken, unused garden hand tools and gives them a new lease of life, putting them in the hands of school children, volunteers and others working on gardening and food-growing projects.

Saving tonnes of waste from landfill
Providing free tools to schools and community gardens
Aiding prisoner rehabilitation and helping people give back to society

Where can I donate garden tools?

Tools can be donated at any of the collection points below. We can only accept gardening hand tools such as spades, forks and hoes - no power tools or workshop tools please.

Please view the map. Collection points are found in London, Oxfordshire, Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Edinburgh.


How do schools & groups receive refurbished tools?

Tools are available free to schools and community groups in the areas surrounding the prisons and collection points with which we work. They are given away on giveaway days held in the regions we work, so please keep in mind you may have to wait several months to receive tools.

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In what regions does Tools Shed work?

Tools Shed works in 7 partnership prisons around the UK. As we run Giveaway Days local to a partnership prison please have a look at our map to see if this is accessible to you so you can collect your tools. If you are too far away get in touch as we occasionally hold Giveaway Days a little further afield..

Please view the map to see our partnership prisons.


Where can I receive more help with our green space?

Some water companies provide schools and groups with free water butts, and councils will sometimes give old wheelie bins away for free which if not cracked can be adapted as a water butt.

Many councils also offer free compost days. Contact your local council's waste recycling officer to see if this service is available near you.

Sign up to environmental community networks and recycling sites like Project Dirt and Freecycle where you might find free equipment and seeds. You might also be able to get help or other contacts through networks such as Master Gardeners


Who can I donate non-garden tools to?

The charity Tools for Self Reliance provides people across Africa with skills and tools so they can work their way out of poverty. It collects a wide range of tools, although specifically not gardening tools, and has a network of tool collectors around the country. Visit their website for more information. You can also contact WorkAid who collect gardening and workshop tools across the UK for Africa.

In Wales, contact Tools for Self Reliance Cymru.