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7th September 2012

Cheltenham Literature Festival, Friday, October 12, 2012 - 12:00 Authors Natan Levy, David Shreeve and Harfiyah Abdel Haleem discuss Sharing Eden, their beautiful and enlightening collection of green teachings from the scriptures. Can the 160 million followers of the Abrahamic faiths turn their environmental awareness into a force to secure a better future for our planet?

Diocese in Europe newsletter, August 2012: Another little jem which would work well for discussions as well as thoughtful reading: ‘Sharing Eden’

ZENIT Le Monde vu de Rome ROME, jeudi 26 juillet 2012 (ZENIT.org) – Les trois grandes religions monothéistes défendent la création dans un ouvrage commun puisant dans les enseignements écologiques de leur foi respective.

Jewish News: The Interfaith Eden Project. Followers of three religions have co-authored a book aimed at improving environmental awareness. Stephen Oryszczuk asks them how easy it was. Page 20 on viewer.

World Development Movement. September 2012: The Conservation Foundation has launched Sharing Eden, a handbook to green living. (Page 11).

Ecology and Churches: September 2012. L’Eden, terre commune

Sustainability in Crisis : “It’s a beautiful little book, and as far as I know unique – at least until our own book comes out! – in that it sets out multiple religious views on the environment in parallel, neither synthesising them into something virtually meaningless, nor asserting that their own religion’s view, and it alone, is the one to follow…………….
“…….So – a very encouraging and helpful project, and I hope it inspires those in each of the three traditions to collaborate more in environmental thought.”

Ecocongregationscotland: Sharing Eden, a handbook to sustainable living

Islamic Foundation : Green teachings

Anglican Communion News Service : Jews Christians and Muslims unite to protect the environment

BBC: Author David Shreeve on the book on the  Inspirit programme

EcoMuslim : Zaufishan couldn't make it to the book launch but "plenty of friends found their way down and reported back with mostly good news". 

Karimaah's Cuisina : Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain & environmentalist reports on the launch of Sharing Eden

The Islamic Foundation : Green teachings from Jews, Christians and Muslims

RE Today : New publication: Sharing Eden

The Guardian : Faith groups have a theology to back up being sustainable and can illustrate the collaborative power of adopting green behaviours to their members, says David Shreeve.

The Muslim Times : How green is your faith? asks Abdul Alim

Christian Today : Jews, Christians and Muslims unite to safeguard environment

Good Energy: In his (David Shreeve’s) latest book Sharing Eden, which comes out later this year, he has collaborated with a Jew and a Muslim to offer practical easy to follow advice and illustrate that sustainability is written into religion’s deepest roots blogs Kate Monson

Global Religion : Jews, Christians and Muslims unite to safeguard environment

Earthing Faith : Sharing Eden – a handbook to sustainable living

Jewish Chronicle : Recyling - it's all in the Torah writes Jessica Elgot

Green Prophet : "I will defintely be passing my copy around" says Arwa Aburawa