Sharing Eden launch party

28th June 2012

Sharing Eden had its launch party on Tuesday 26 June at the Royal Geographical Society. 

Authors and guests mingled in the map room. In front of a model of Mount Everest and the cameras of the Islam Channel. David, Natan and Harfiyah gave their speeches. 

The authors focused on the importance of the natural world to the Abrahamic faiths and drew on the rich heritage of caring for the environment that can be found in the scriptures. Natan made the final point that Sharing Eden is also a practical handbook, meant to be used, worked on and discussed. Its publication is only meant as a beginning. 

All three authors would like to thank everyone who made the book launch possible and all of the guests who helped make the event such a celebration. The first blogs about the book are starting to come in and a couple can be read here and here. We would love to hear more comments so please send them in!

Finally, here are some photos of the party: