Jewish Links



The Big Green Jewish raises awareness about environmental issues in the Jewish community. They aim to educate about climate change and empower people to make changes in their lives that will make a difference to the world. There is plenty of information on their campaigns such as the Year of the Bicycle and fantastic blogs about food and allotment life, as well as lots of resources for schools, youth movements and Synagogues. 



Jewish Climate Change Campaign is a call to action. A call to demonstrate that the Jewish people can help light the way to more sustainable living. There is live blogging from climate conferences and all Jewish people can sign up to a sustainable living pledge. 




The Jew and the Carrot tackles the relationship between Judaism, food and climate change. It brings together 3,000 years of Jewish thought and food tradition with contemporary issues like sustainability, organic eating, nutrition, food politics. There are plenty of healthy, delicious recipes too.  




Christian Links



A Rocha is a Christian environmental and nature conservation movement. Working in 19 countries, their projects have a community emphasis and focus on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education. 



Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical programme helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith, and to encourage them to respond in practical action. Their website is filled with free resources for Churches, parents and schools. 






European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) is a church network that promotes co-operation in caring for creation. The aim of the ECEN is to share information and experiences in environmental work among widely varied Christian traditions. 





Operation Noah is a Christian organisation that provides focus and leadership in response to the threat of climate change. It is informed by the science of climate change. Operation Noah is working towards the complete decarbonisation of the British economy by 2030. 




Muslim Links




The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) is dedicated to the maintenance of the earth as a healthy habitat for all living things.





Wisdom in Nature is an ecological and community activism group guided by Islamic principles. 




Reading Islamic Trustees for the Environment (RITE) is a community group based in Reading, whose vision is to bring a wider appreciation of our environment. RITE works with mosques and community organisations to raise awareness of environmental issues and assists them in running events. 




EcoMuslim wants to change behaviour to preserve the Earth's ecosystems, natural resources, beauty and environment. They are committed to empowering young people to lead the way in making their families, communities and countries eco-responsible. 



Multifaith links 


The Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) is a secular body that helps religions link with key environmental organisations creating alliances between faith communities and conservation groups. 




The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) Faiths and the Environment network was set up in 2009 to put belief systems at the heart of environmental policy and action.





Faith Climate Connect is a free global resource and network, bringing together an interactive forum of videos, faith and climate news, scriptural references, photographs and blogs. 



A Jewish Guide to Fairtrade

Compiled by Poppy Berelowitz.





199 Ways to Please God by Rianne ten Veen.

A Muslim guide to sustainability. 




Jesus and the Earth by James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool.