A Marvellous Mulberry Monastery Walk

You can now uncover the capital's marvellous mulberries, young and old, and their links to the monastery heritage of the 'Square Mile' with A Marvellous Mulberry Monastery Walk.

You can follow the self-guided walk on your phone and has been developed as part of Morus Londinium, a new Heritage Lottery Funded project to unravel the tale of London's mulberry tree heritage.

Since Roman times mulberries have been planted in London for their delicious fruit and medicinal virtues. Many of today's trees tell the tale of their sites, including of London's medieval abbeys, monasteries, and King James I's attempt to start a silk industry to rival Italy and France. You can help uncover this heritage, and London's prized mulberry foraging sites, by following the research and coming on free guided walks, visiting the online map and adding a mulberry tree to the survey, planting a sapling, trying a recipe, and lots more with Morus Londinium!

To start your adventure visit moruslondinium.org/city-walk

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