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The Project

The Food Shelter project has been endorsed by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. It was created in response to the UK Government plans to contribute to social development programs in poorer countries, with particular focus on children’s malnutrition.

The core aim of our project is to address the problem of food being wasted due to lack of adequate shelter. We have researched how palm leaf-friendly countries can use palm to build bigger structures, thereby by creating the food shelters to maintain supplies for local communities through lean seasons.

We are combining the best of western engineering with the best of local, eco-friendly, traditional building materials. Long term application of this approach could also be utilised for the construction of other community structures such as clinics, schools and refugee camps.

The research for this project has been done in collaboration with
3 ideas Ltd, Buro Happold and Imperial College London.

Food Shelter is non-political project.


Transfer of technology team
»Sandra Piesik, 3 ideas Ltd
»Wolf Mangelsdorf,
Buro Happold

»Dr. Sunday Popo-Ola, Imperial College, London
»Mehler Texnologies Ltd

»The Conservation Foundation
»Mo Farah Foundation
»Intelligence Forums  
»Domaine de Boisbuchet
Sponsored by
Palm Leaf Workshop at the Domaine de Boisbuchet has been sponsored by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and Centimetercube.
Supported by Nigel and Shane Winser


» Fundraising Event
Fundraising event for food aid to Africa in collaboration with Mo Farah Foundation

» Food Shelter Prototype No 3
Construction of the first contemporary large-span palm leaf building
Location: Zagora, Morocco, Spring-Autumn 2013

» Food Art Installation
In collaboration with Mo Farah Foundation
Location: London 2013/2014

» Scientific Conference
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
Location: UNCCD, 2014

» Food Shelter Prototype No 2
Construction of food shelter with students large-span palm leaf building
Location: Domaine de Boisbuchet, France, 16-29 June 2013

» Food Shelter Prototype No 1
The Angel of Finstock
Location: UK, September 2012