Programmes, events & campaigns
Helping organisations to grow with our facilities, skills and experience
Promoting the work organisations do to help

In 2013 we had hundreds of media pieces in newspapers, on BBC and ITV news, radio, magazines and online.

More than 30,000 people had direct contact with the Foundation's projects and events in 2013.

What we do
The Conservation Foundation creates and manages environmental initiatives - awards, publications, campaigns etc. This involves devising the concept, formulating the idea, development, management and promotion.

We do this by using out professional skills, experience, ideas, contacts, and entrepreneurship to enable, encourage and support positive environmental action undertaken by individuals and organisations.

Encouragement. Awards mean prizes, publicity, a pat on the back and they inspire others. People of all ages like getting them and people like giving them. The Foundation has been creating and managing successful awards for over 30 years.

Promotion We produce media material of all kinds including publications, websites, films and radio programmes. We have experience of working with leading brands and opinion formers.

Campaigns don't need to be confrontational but they can be creative, inspirational and done in partnership for added value and effect.

Sharing. Our work involves us sharing our skills, contacts and experience. We have often shared our prestigious offices and its facilities.

Incubation. Plantlife is just one of the organisations which has spent its formative days under the Foundation's umbrella. This is something which continues.

Creation and distribution of funds The Conservation Foundation has administered a wide range of funds, assessing and approving hundreds of grants per month to a wide range of target groups.

Networking. After over 30 years in the environmental movement from its early days, we're involved in a wide range of environmental issues and have links with experts throughout the UK and around the world.

Events. The Conservation Foundation is based in the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in Kensington which is a great place for all kinds of activities from lectures and concerts, to exhibitions and symposia. We have also organised events in a number of other very special places, even in palaces.


Many of the world's environmental problems are so complex and huge that they are beyond the power of countries and corporations to solve, even if it were in their interests to do so. As a result, individuals and communities can feel powerless.

The Conservation Foundation believes that every positive environmental action, however small, is worthwhile. We can't change the world but all our initiatives are created to bring together people to make a difference to their part of our earth and to get involved as much or as little as they want.

Our projects reflect the people who drive The Conservation Foundation and what drives them. We are not eco warriors, rather peaceful and determined activists, with a long history of providing ways for people of all ages and backgrounds together to create environmental change for the better.