How to add an Elm to the Natural History Museum map

1. You can find out if your tree is an Elm by using the Natural History Museum's identification page and there's some useful elm spotting pictures on the Facebook page.









 2. You can add your Elm to the map by clicking Record Results in the left hand menu. Now you can find the location of the Elm using one of the choices listed on the page, such as by typing in your postcode. Once you are near the Elm's location on the map, click the Add a Tree button and drag the tree icon that appears to the exact spot.




 3. Once you have done this you will be asked to fill in as much as you know about the Elm, such as the girth of the tree, it's approximate height, if it is in flower or fruit, and any images you may have of the Elm.

Then click Send results and your Elm will now be on the map.